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How many times do you wish you were on holiday? A fair few no doubt, but what if you’ve saved hard but are not sure where to go? That’s where this travel blog could come in, with holiday ideas for families, couples, and groups.

Find out about attractions in key holiday destinations across the UK, Europe, and beyond. Discover the beauty of world heritage sites, find out . . . → Read More: Welcome

Top Shopping Destinations in London

Old Spitalfields Market

A shopping haven for tourists all across the globe, London makes it to the top of the list for shoppers. You can get anything from luxury goods while shopping in Mayfair to unique and rare stuff in Covent Garden. It truly meets the needs of people with different shopping requirements. Here is a list of the best shopping destinations in London. Read on!


Covent Garden



Covent Garden is . . . → Read More: Top Shopping Destinations in London

Best Snorkelling in the Caribbean 

Snorkelling is exciting for all ages and one of the best ways to appreciate the rainbow of life breathing under Caribbean waters. The coastlines running along Caribbean shores is famous worldwide for its white sandy – palm-lined beaches – turquoise waters, and a display of ocean life the envy of most aquariums. From giant turtles to colourful clown fish (you might more familiar with them as . . . → Read More: Best Snorkelling in the Caribbean 

Staying Healthy when Travelling

5 Tips to Stay Healthy when Travelling

Article by Robin Pointer

There is no such thing as being too careful, and this applies to holidays as well. We all want our time off to go without a hitch, so it is important to have a plan and take basic precautions in order to keep your health in top form when you are away from home.

Research is important

Ideally, you . . . → Read More: Staying Healthy when Travelling

Down on the beach in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol in Spain

Located on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain is a popular seaside resort which goes by the name of Fuengirola.  With its seven kilometres of clean sandy beaches, it is easy to see why the town is so popular.  Always a pleasure to stroll any time of year in the fresh sea air, the Paseo de Maritimo, or beach promenade, gets even livelier and more . . . → Read More: Down on the beach in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol in Spain

10 of the Best Travel Movies


Like to watch movies? Well, we have a list of ten of them that will want you to get up off the couch and go see the world! While watching films is fun, so is experiencing real life by traveling the globe. Whether you’ve traveled a lot in the past or you’ve always been a homebody, these ten films are going to get you . . . → Read More: 10 of the Best Travel Movies

Visiting Cape Town

Cape Town has to be one of the most popular South African destinations visited by tourists every year. It is the second more densely populated city in the country, so it benefits from excellent transportation links.

Air Connections

It is a fairly simple matter to book a flight to Cape Town. A little planning in advance is useful to avoid finding a booked out flight though. All carriers . . . → Read More: Visiting Cape Town

Best Christmas markets in Europe

The Christmas season has traditionally been associated with massive shopping sprees across Europe as people hit the stores to pick nice Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Many people don’t know where they can go to enjoy a nice festive season without stretching their budget. According to the latest research, Budapest is the place to go if you are looking for a winter getaway on a . . . → Read More: Best Christmas markets in Europe

Gran Canaria: The Gem of the Mediterranean!

Gran Canaria is the most populous, and also third largest island in the Canaries. Not only is a beautiful place, full of tons of amazing tourist attractions, but it is also ideal for families and couples alike! The island boasts of amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, rugged landscapes, magnificent resorts and fantastic weather – there is virtually something for everyone to do in this enchanting island. Gran . . . → Read More: Gran Canaria: The Gem of the Mediterranean!

Landmark Trust announces new holiday scheme

The Landmark Trust, that normally restores historic buildings and lets them as holiday rentals, will be announcing a scheme to give 50 people a holiday that may not be able to otherwise get a break.

The scheme will offer holidays in several of its iconic properties to people who may needing a break, volunteers, low-income families, educational groups and charitable organisations. Some of the holiday places include . . . → Read More: Landmark Trust announces new holiday scheme

New poll shows parents willing to pay fine to take kids on holiday in school term

A poll has indicated that parents are willing to pay a fine of £60 for taking their kids for holiday when their school term is ongoing. The poll, that was done as part of the report by World Travel Market Industry that is done annually followed introduction of legislation that aims to discourage parents from taking their children on holiday and children having to miss school . . . → Read More: New poll shows parents willing to pay fine to take kids on holiday in school term